Westin Pasadena – A review on their workout room

A review of The Westin Pasadena, a Starwood property. Had lots of highs but also lots of lows. Although I loved the city of Pasadena, and management did try to make it up to me, I’ll probably try the Sheraton Pasadena next time I’m in the area.

I have mixed feelings about this property. To begin with I had booked the Westin Workout room. This room is equipped with either a treadmill or a spinning cycle. I called Platinum Concierge and asked them to please note that I didn’t want my customary upgrade. I arrived around 3 in the afternoon and the room wasn’t ready. They said it would be 1/2 hour at the most. They told me I could wait by the pool or in the lobby (this is a Westin so no club lounge) and they would call me when the room was ready. I choose to wait in the lobby hoping to get the room faster. The hotel is really busy with a lot of people coming for weddings. I enjoyed “people watching” for a while but as it closed in on 1 hour of waiting in the lobby with no call, no one coming up to check on me or offer any kind of beverage I went up to go see about my room. It was so busy I couldn’t catch anyones attention and I didn’t want to wait in a long line again, so I called. The receptionist transferred me to the front desk, and it rang, and rang and rang. I hung up and tried again. This time someone picked up. I told them no, I couldn’t hold. I wanted to know when my room would be ready. The agent looked it up on her computer and informed me its ready anytime I want to come down!

I was pissed! I stomped over to the desk, lugging my luggage behind me (even though I had to take it up and down some stairs to sit in the lobby, none of the hotel staff offered to help me) I go over there with a definite attitude I will admit. I think I gave the front desk clerk such a dirty look she was startled. I asked how long my room had been ready and she couldn’t tell me but she apologized that they had forgotten to call me when it was ready. I grab my keys and head up to the room.

It was nice and spacious with a big commercial grade treadmill. I took a deep breath I wasn’t going to let a bad beginning taint the whole trip which had started out on such a high (free upgrade to first class on US Airways & then free upgrade to a tricked out rental car by National Car rental). As I settled in I got a call from the front desk apologizing again for the long wait and offering to send me a bottle of champagne. Nice touch! Unfortunately, since they were so busy that almost 3 hours later the champagne hadn’t arrived and I had to call down to the front desk for it. I asked them for a bottle of red instead since i’m not a champagne drinker unless its mixed with orange juice LOL.

After that I settled into the room, ready to sit back, order some food and drink my wine. Except the treadmill was just staring at me in the face. It knew once I settled in I wouldn’t jump on and work out, so I put the wine aside and changed into my workout clothes and enjoyed a nice jog / walk on the treadmill. Then a few isometric exercises on the exercise ball. Yep this room was truly a workout room. In addition to the treadmill you have a balance ball, weights, a few workout books and a Pilates DVD. I really enjoyed having the DVD player in the room. Not just for the Pilates workout but since I had a few DVD’s with me I enjoyed watching my favorite show while jogging.

All in all the room was a typical Westin room, it was a suite sized room, unique to this room ( or maybe just this hotel) was a small room adjacent to the main room. I was thinking it was perfect size for yoga or stretching but not really close to the t.v if u are using a DVD.

The T.V was really large. I would say somewhere around 50 inches. The room had a desk area but what I found disappointing was there was no refrigerator. I called down for one but since the hotel was so full there was no refrigerators available. I would think for a workout room where you know the person will probably drink a lot of water, you would automatically have a refrigerator in the room.

There is no street parking available for overnight guest. If you have people visiting they should valet if they will be staying with your or staying late. I had a mixed experience with the Valet service here too. On the one hand, after my first night I drove over to Old Town Pasadena to walk around and tour the area. After leaving the hotel and finding parking, I got out and realized there was a HUGE scratch on the driver-side passenger door. I was really shocked and about to head right back to the hotel but my friend said, its too late you left the property. Well when I got back I was pissed about it, mad mostly at myself for not checking the car before getting in. I talked to Valet about it anyway and they said they would send up an incident report. I didn’t think it would go anywhere but the following morning I dropped off the report. The Valet manager called and we talked about what happened. He asked me if I was sure it happened on property and I assured him I was. He said they had some things that could get scratches out and would I mind if they tried to get it out. I said go ahead, better than taking it back to the rental company that way. Well when I went to go pick up the car, I couldn’t even find the scratch and believe me I was looking hard! So while I didn’t like finding the scratches and spent a lot of time worrying about how much the rental car was going to charge me for the scratch. To really happy that not only did they ┬áNOT say too bad you drove away, but they took my word for it and fixed the damage.

In the final analyze I would say this is a nice hotel but too busy for my taste. Maybe its the season, but it seemed like non-stop weddings which tended to make service very slow. The room was nice and spacious and I couldn’t hear anyone in the rooms nearby, but anytime someone was in the hallway, I could hear them clearly.

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