The Westin Costa Mesa California – Worst Stay EVER!!!!

I read these reviews and have no idea how this hotel can get such high reviews. I got the awesome rate of $99 a night during SPG latest prepaid special. I walk in and as they look at my reservation they tell me that no one flagged my reservation as Platinum so no upgraded rooms were available. Ok fine, I just want to lay down after driving almost 5 hours from Vegas. Then the guy tells me in a loud voice that my credit card has been declined and my room not confirmed. I was like WHAT, first of all why announce that to the whole registration area, and secondly he was dead wrong! I called Amex and they never even attempted to charge my credit card until he did. He also made some other claims about my reservation that just weren’t true but I just wanted to go. As he hands me my keys I ask him if there will be any upgraded rooms available during my stay. I was more than willing to change rooms, he said yes, but I would have to pay for the upgrade. According to SPG as a platinum member I will be upgraded to the best available room. I was ready to cancel my reservation right then and there but the rep advised me that I would still be charged for all 3 days. This year alone I’ve spent almost 50 nights in SPG hotels and never been treated the way I was that day.

I make it my room and order room service. Their Chicken Panini sandwich. When it arrived it was cold and the bread wasn’t even toasted let alone pressed in a panini press. I sent it back and they brought me another sandwich. This one was pressed and the cheese somewhat melted but it was dripping grease. I just threw it out and went to the Subway up the road. If that wasn’t enough, I open the minibar to find it 1/2 empty. I call down to the front desk to ask them to come do an inventory. I didn’t want to be stuck w/ someone else’s bill. They wouldn’t come. The rep asked me what was missing, I told her I had no idea, but i could see several empty spots and in most cases you see 2 of everything in the fridge but not in this case. Anyway, they said just by my calling that was enough for them to know not to charge me for the missing items. So far (its been 2 days) they haven’t charged me for anything from the minibar but they haven’t refunded my money for the bad sandwich either.

Except for the poor service the hotel is older, but still comfortable. The location is great, really close to the mall with a walkway that will take you there. The location is the only good thing about this place. I ended up being in the area longer than expected but switched hotels as soon as I could. I stayed at The Hotel Hanford, which was a breath of fresh air after the bad service I received from the Westin. Look for my review of that property, if you are looking for great service, really nice rooms and lots of great FREE amenities (parking and wifi) check out that hotel!

I will definitely be visiting Costa Mesa again, but I will never grace the Westin South Coast with my presence or money again! Sorry, didn’t take pics. ¬†Nothing special about this place, its older than most of the hotels I’ve stayed at and the furniture was just standard.

Update: I posted this review on tripadvisor and the management responded

Management response from CostaMesaWestin, Manager
(Management representative)
Jan 2, 2011

Dear Valued Guest,

We apologize for the experiences you had with us during your recent visit to Orange County. We regret to hear that the experience was less than renewing. We have taken your feedback to share it with our team to identify the areas of opportunities we have to improve.

We appreciate your loyalty to Starwood and hope we will have another opportunity to provide you with the experiences you expect and deserve.


Westin South Coast Plaza Management

To this day they have never refunded my money for their crappy food. ¬† I’ve been back and forth to Costa Mesa at least 6 more times since this stay and even though I’m a SPG girl all the way, I NEVER stay here!


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