Santa Cruz CA – Chaminade Resort & Spa Review

My review of the Chaminade Resort & Spa located in Santa Cruz California.

I had high hopes for the Chaminade Resort & Spa located in Santa Cruz. The company I was meeting with highly recommended them for a nice relaxing 3 night stay. By the time I finished work for the day, my client dropped me off at the Chaminade around 9pm. I had booked their room with one queen bed. For some reason I ended up in a room with 2 queen beds. Normally I would have called about it, since I didn’t need the extra bed and I was hoping the 1 queen bed rooms would have bigger bathrooms. But at the Chaminade, the lobby is in one building and you have to drive to your room. Since my client had driven me there and then was nice enough to wait while I checked in so he could drive me to my room. I didn’t feel like walking back to the main lobby with my luggage, getting a new room, then walking to that new room. Continue reading “Santa Cruz CA – Chaminade Resort & Spa Review”