Los Gatos – The Toll House Hotel Review

Now here is a nice hotel!  Its located at the end of Santa Cruz St.  My client dropped me off here and drove past it the first time, he thought it was a cute little apartment complex.

The room was a little on the small size but it was “cozy”  It had a great balcony.  Large with 2 chairs and a table.  I really liked the decor.  Its a nice dark colored wood (real) and well you can see from the pictures below how nice its is.

The bathroom was small, but in 2 pieces.  shower in one room, and washroom in the next.  L’Occitane bath and body products, free internet, and free parking. Bed was comfy and in general the room was nice.

On the bed they leave you a large Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie which was really tasty.  You can order some to take with you but its faster when you order during the day.  If its the evening they aren’t baking anymore .

The hotel is down the street from a lot of shops.  I wish i had more time because I noticed a lot of lively looking places and the hotel told me some of the restaurants have “wine tasting” from some of the local vineyards.

This was such a short stay that I feel I’ll have to stay here again and test out some of the amenities to give a better review.  I heard they have a great restaurant on property and a spa.  I wasn’t clear if the hotel ran the spa or they were recommending a spa.  Anyway next time I’m in the San Jose area I’ll definitely make it a point to come back to The Toll House and stay a bit longer.

St. Regis Hotel Monarch Beach CA – Much Ado About NOTHING!

The St. Regis Hotel in Monarch beach was one of the worse resorts I’ve ever stayed at. I think because they build tips into everything the incentive to provide good service isn’t there. The grounds are nice but if you feel like you will have some luxurious vacation, you will find that this particular St. Regis falls far from the mark! Don’t waste your starwood points on this resort!

I needed to go to Monarch Beach to meet with a company that we wanted to hire to create promotional videos for our company.  My sister was going to be there with her family and I was lucky enough to stay with them for 7 nights and I only had to pay for 2 nights.  The whole family was looking forward to experiencing a truly luxurious vacation and pulling into the St. Regis your hopes soar even higher!  Its mandatory valet parking and as I handed over the keys to my car I marveled at the TWO or was it THREE Bentleys parked off to the side.  Bentley’s, Mercedes and every luxury vehicle you could imagine were parked and gleaming in the sun.  I handed over my keys feeling my car would be safe….

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Hermosa Beach CA – The Beach House

I got a great deal on an ocean view room (AAA $242 a night). Really nice room, but i felt a little crowded. What I mean is there wasn’t a lot of “free” space for those of us that like to get up and do some exercising. Its location makes up for the small size though. I loved walking up and down the pier.

Furniture was nice and was quality. The bellman told me that a lot of the units are privately owned and the hotel rents them out when the owners are not in residence. There is a small cabinet that is locked in the room, he said thats full of “personal” belongings of the owners, but its kind of small. My thoughts are they probably don’t leave anything valuable in it.

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