Hermosa Beach CA – The Beach House

I got a great deal on an ocean view room (AAA $242 a night). Really nice room, but i felt a little crowded. What I mean is there wasn’t a lot of “free” space for those of us that like to get up and do some exercising. Its location makes up for the small size though. I loved walking up and down the pier.

Furniture was nice and was quality. The bellman told me that a lot of the units are privately owned and the hotel rents them out when the owners are not in residence. There is a small cabinet that is locked in the room, he said thats full of “personal” belongings of the owners, but its kind of small. My thoughts are they probably don’t leave anything valuable in it.

Regardless I loved the balcony and sat out there for a while just enjoying the sun , the view, and people watching. It was a quick walk to the pier and all kinds of great little restaurants.

The service was good, the rooms clean and the amenities really nice. I’m totally sold now on Aveda products! I didn’t call for room service here because there were sooo many restaurants within walking distance.

I found the bed to be a bit small for a King sized bed and a little hard, but still comfortable. I loved the little kitchen since I tend to eat half my food and take the rest back with me. Most of the time I have to throw out the left overs but since this suite had a partial kitchen (2 burners, refrigerator and a microwave) I was able to actually store and eat them later.

My first day there when I arrived their room service was not available.  After driving for about an hour I was too tired to walk around the beach looking for a good spot to eat.  Thats when I discovered a site called grubhub.com. You just put your current address in and it will find all the restaurants that deliver in your area. It also has reviews so you can see what others say about it before you order.  I usually have it arrange itself in order of best reviewed.  Anyway grubhub.com isn’t nationwide yet, but they have an iphone app that I use all the time as I travel.

Perks here are the free wifi. Parking is $20 something a night but they are really quick about getting your car. I liked the little refrigerator in the room and little stove top for cooking.  This hotel has become one of my favorites in California and I can’t wait to have another mastermind in that area so I have an excuse to book a few nights here again!

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